Saturday, November 26, 2005

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* Seven things I plan to do:
1. Be a good mom
2. Throw the sofa n the remote out, cause my hubby and the sofa are inseprable twins when there is football i dont get it its just a bunck of guys runnin around like fools an grabbin eachothers ass
3. Hopefully, yes hopefully squeeze into a pair of leather pants cause i see females here wearing it an it looks so sexy
4. Hit the Gym
5. Go shopping for nice lingierie an chuck out my granny size undies that i wear right now
6. learn to cook PROPERLY and not depend on ur hubby or the local fast food joint for java
7. Go clubbin, right now if we party the people are WoHHH!! Big basket ur carrying there Girlie ( bloody asses they call u r baby a big basket) or awwwww u ought to be home curled in bed right now and Have a Girls night out again, the ladies here are pretty bold i must say I nearly choked on my sandwich whre the guy danced there in his undies in mulund never in my wildest dreams i wud imagine going to a party an seeing a guy dance half naked.

* Seven things I can do:
1. Keep Secrets ( mmm ok im lying)
2. Be a good friend
4. Nag my husband
5. Start the waterworks bawling like hell till i get things done
6. Sulk and emotionally blackmail my hubby ( im very gud at that as a matter of fact)
7. Make people laugh

* Seven things I can't do:
1. Be Mean
2. Nasty to others
3. COOK wahhhhhhhhh
4. Be disrepectful
5. Drive
6. Like foot ball
7. use bad Language i still cant say the 'F' word i often think im with mom or dad an still use the word Dumbass when im mad

* Seven things I say most often:
1. Shit
2. Go to hell
3. Chalo bye then take care an god bless
4. Gudddddddd Morning Sunshine ( to mah hubby at 6.00 on a sunday morning an he gets mad)

Just one month more

Well i entered the final month of mah pregnancy just imagine by next month i am going to be a mother. the whole thing seems so exciting at the same time a bit scary too, as the time nears u tend to get more an more nervous too i guess. Chris tries to act bold an "oh! im the man nthins gonna happen ull be fine" but i heard my friend tellin me chris had told her husband hes nervous too, hes scared i had problems during the carrying nothing shud go wrong later, at times that really gets me mad i mean why dont guys simply bloody say wht they are feeling why all this macho crap i mean gals are scared too but they act all manly when the females i feel are much stronger though they cry buckets of tears over any problems

I have become so so so so veryyyyyyy fat right now, i cant even see my feet that after mah baby shower my brother saw my snaps an said i look more like a baby elephant only the baby elephant looks better. grrrrrrrrr lolz but he kids an often teases as a matter of fact he is getting married next year. He an his Gf have been going out since college time, and shes two years older to hime at first i used to think it weird i dont know maybe im too old fashioned and rigid, i used to think the guy always has to be older than the girl cause gals mature faster so if the guys older i mean the thinking level is kinda same, but at the same time i have often seen couples even with more than 10 yr age gap the guy is still a kid, lolz maybe guys never grow up.

The most recent movie i saw was the hindi movie Salaam Namaste which was a real treat but if u ask me id preffer the english version 9 months. though the movie was nice and funny i thought the last parting was dragged too much an i totally didnt like the hospital scene where both the women are in labour an he trips an falls between that aussie taniya legs, thats i felt was so disgustingly crude

Last month me an chris went to our neigbours / good friend of ours place. the couple a foreigner stay a couple of blocks before us, i couldnt make it to the hospital to see her baby but my mom, mother in law an chris went over. But when i saw the baby it was such a huge shock the kid was a differently abled. You could see signs at this such a tiny stage only. Chris didnt want me to visit, and hadnt even told me about the disability but i mean u get such a shock the parents often say its gods given gift an we accept it, my granny of a different opinion i remember as a kid while growin up she used to say for the sins of the parents the kid often suffers, My dad initially wanted to join the police force but she put her foot down saying those peoples are all corrupt people curse them most of their children an families suffer. I saw the kid and i was actually shaken, how can u accept it as gods given gift, its like i feel the kid will always taunt u just because of u im here.

Well i will definately tell you guys about Junior, lolz but maybe next year i doubt if id have the time to sit in front of the comp, cause my nap time may be history then. So see all u bloggers whom i havent even chatted with u next year, ill prob drop in now an then to say hi till then muwahhhhhh to all of u in advance " Merry Xmas an a Very happy New Year"

Monday, September 19, 2005

Good bye

i had a little problem on september 10th crhis an i went out to the beach an i dont know wht happened wheather i tired myself too much i ended up bleeding a little shortly after mid night... chris drove to the hospital.... and it was so scary the entire time i really though im going to loose the baby... but now things are ok i came home from the hospital on sunday...... the doctor says he already asked us to keep things cool an this is the third time hes finally telling us... the foetus he says was showin signs of distress... and my beleeding wouldnt stop.... chris's mom is with us for nerly overa week now... till my mom joins me... chris has asked her to come over an just stay with me till the baby is here an we both are able to geta hang of things... but it will take time till mom settles things at her end an join me... she will probably come over next month... till then im stuck with my mother in law and i hate the way she cooks... she keeps stuffing all sorts of weird soups which i reall feel like puking over she doesnt make chicken soup like my mom does... cris's mom went over to her place today to bring things from her home... my fathr in law will join us after sumtime... i like my father in law hes got a sense of humour an alway makes funny jokes an he always makes m laugh whenver the situation is strained

To be very honest i guess i ended up taking the bab for granted with moving around my fainting didnt worry me too much cause i thought fainting spells are normal but gettin up in the middle of the night on that day really scared me an chris ... i dont know i seen all my cousins having their kids wiht such ease nobody faced any problmes... i kind of figured it would be the same for me an chris also... the gynac got mad at us saying if you are not responsible parents enough to look after your baby why sleep and bring a child into this world......

I just wanted to thank all of you guys for being such good friends though i havent chatted or met u folks

4u2nvau/Rohit , Cheesy.Termite, firacub , itcommittee&community , jim/julia/saby, Keshi , --pearl--, Pithalay, Tanvi, Thomas, Prajit ( my mail buddy), melissa ( another one of my cutest mail friend)

I will try to get well an come an i promise you guys will post pictures of my baby an myself and chris (u listening Fira)... till then i dont know if ill be able to make it cuase with my MIL here shes kinda fussing over me day in an day out

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Baby Names

Well we have started looking over baby names an all though chris choice n my simply dont seem to match.... i like the name Brandon for our son ... cause as a teen we used to have that serial Beverly Hills 90210 aired on star n i really really really had the hots for the guy name brandon there i thought his eyes were simply gorgeous n his grin was to die for though the sisters Bf wasnt bad too.... but i liked him more..... chris thinks Christian should be cool... wht the bloody hell ... Christian Christopher D'lima... the kid will actually commit suicide i feel... but we are still looking an chking names ... im going thru all maternity sites an chkin out nice baby names though theres still time...

Last Couple of week are good i will enter my 6 month in a couple of days and oh yeah PEARLIE the due date is in December 14 ... damn i really wished it was a xmas baby could named it Noel or sumthin like that....... i have joined yoga... chris says it will be probablly relaxing for me ... i think its ok... so started a class for pregnant women where we dont go overboard with the stuff

Last Tuesday one of our friends - a couple gave birth to a baby girl.... this couple have a live in relationship n still thought about going thru the pregnany... i really find the whole idea of live in relationships disgusting... i mean personally i feel the guys gets to enjoy everythin n the girl ends up with nothin... not that im sayin all mariages are made in heaven n all... but wht i didnt like is why give birth to a kid when ur not sure wheather the relationship will work in a couple of years ... the kid is going to be called nasty names in the future... though over here single moms n all are quite common n nothing new about it... i dont know maybe im too rigid n old fashioned in my way of thinking... i as a kid certainly wud like to have a mom n dad who are married in the eyes of god... i used to feel so embaressed n scared later if a guys used to just flirt with me ... thinking my brother will be just around the corner... n the thought of having a kid out of wedlock or even stayin with a guy out of marriage ... i dont know i most certainly wudnt have the guts to do it... chris usually says just forget them ... visit the kid give the gifts an let them lead their lives as they seem best... but then u gotta accept too the times are sure changing... anways

This Month guys we have two birthday boys ... lolz one is Fira ( whos been after mah butt to write a post.... n yeah fira how come keshi gets a snap n i dont grrrrrr ... n BULL i dont belive u angel face my ass i say .... ) n then theres granpa whos going to get even more senile than he already is ( An yeah i can feel the baby ... n kickin my insides ... *&*# ^% granpa ill show u wht it is to kick ur backside)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Last Week

Last week was horrible, kinda fainted on sunday ... an chris ended up panicking...u know the funnny thing was with mom even if i had a mild cold she would roam arround me like a mother hen pushing me to visit the doctor even if its not serious... i used always ignore my health cause i knew mom is alwys there with chris n me we both dont know wht to expect with the baby n i know its going to get tougher when the baby is here ... we both read a lotta book on children and very often he does the cooking at home by seeing whts healthy n whats not for a pregnant female... i often wonder im nearly gonna be 26 when the baby will be here but we both seem to not know our way around anythin ... when he took me to the hospital to get me checked up because of the fainting spell ... apparently i needed to cool things off for a couple of weeks an just take things easy .. sleep a lot eat healthily or id end up hurting my self an my kid ... he ended up panicking more callin my mom his mom his granmother as though hes is supposed to plan my funeral the next very day...

I often think my granny was married at age 14 she became a mother at age 16 ... but she seemed to handle things so cooly while i an chris are nearly a decade older but frnakly we both dont seem to know wht we are doin at times it often gets so scary i often wonder if id be a good mom.. if chris an i will atleast understand our kid n raise him like his parents n my parents did... what if i end makea terrible blunder

I dont know all bad thoughts seem to be coming since sunday night... chris too seems restless even if i get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom ( ya now the bathroom is mah bedroom cause my bladder seems to have shrunk n i spend every half an hour to 45 minutes there) he ends up gettin up though hes tired thinkin ill probably faint in the bathroom n he wudnt even know about it...

My mom had two kids easily n i cant even handle my first :(

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Early Years

Well sum more abt mah self... lolz n miss sarcastic pants KESHI next post will take longer...

One of my early regrets
well like is said was a pretty pampered kid while i grew up got whatever i asked for from mom n Specially from dad ...though mom was more strict when it came to studies i have had pasting from nearly everythin u see in our mulund kitchen... lols her fav was pokin us with a sharp pencil when we sat for studies on mah legs i got a cluster of marks which my cousins n friends used to mistake it for soooooo many beauty spots whnever used to wear a swim suit...i used to SUCK at maths n ironically my dad was excelent in the subject asa matter of fact he was a tution teacher when in college so he cud make some xtra dough... mah dads dad (granpa) passed away when mah dad was just 6 so granny had a tough time bringin up 5 kids all on her own she was widowed in her early 30s life was sure tough i guess for her then she spoke of life n brining up 5 kids all alone in a shanty ( slum area) but by sacrifices n help from her family managed a 1 room flat later funnily i actually cringe when i see a slum area i feel disgusted by people living in such conditions but then u seem to forget ur own father grew up there... my dad was very hardworkin.. was not perfect mind u... made mah mom cry n there were laughters too... but dad while growin up promised himself he no matter wht wud never let his kids see life at its worst in such areas... i stil rember mah dad used to take us kids to visit his cousins in chawls n stuff ... n we used to say "God dad how can people stay in places like these" but when u grow up in a 3 bedroomed flat kitchen u end up hurting ur dad by such comments .. my bro was much ruder he was like next time please go to such places ur self i know its kinda bad to say things like that but i guess when ur little u tend to not think n talk

My First Bite
Well i was actually 2 an half at that time dont rember it but got marks to prove the episode did take place...mah granpa (moms dad) was a shippy guy i used to be showere by gifts n a new dress every week .. he used to get me these big dolls n bears... i still have a few but with a broken eye n stuff...anyways in india we have this person who gets a monkey to ur house an makes him dance n stuff ... well mah granny had gone to the nearby shop n asked me to stay put shed be back by 2 minutes cause mah mom n dad both used to wrk durin those times n she used to look after me... well there was this monkey n the guy near our gate ( my granny says) n apparently i went n huggedthe monkey from behind tryin to lift him up ... my granny said perhaps mistook him for a stuffed toy i had but then unfortunately i ended up probably freakin out the poor monkey n he scratched me on mah thigh my neighbours servant who heard me screamin tried to help along with the monkey trainer but unfortuanatley ended up bleadin pretty badly on my thigh n mah negihbours servant got scratched in the hand while tryin to get me away from the animal my grannny totally started freakin out n had no clue wht to do... cause she tot my mom wud blame her for wht happened to her daughter well mom said i ended up taking injections... but i still have the mark on my thigh its kinda like a smooth area with lines on my thigh but i used to have fun while braggin in school or college cause all mah friends usd to have cat, dogs or rat bite but Janice got nicked by da monkey lol my brother used to tease me sayin the monkey prob cud recognise itspain in the ass sister n ended up scratchin her as i used to scratch or hit my bro

Most embarissin moment in mah life
well this happened in mah early college years... now i was pretty sheltered as a kid ... mah mom xplained abt the birds n bees pretty late too i guess i must have been 16or 17 ( dont rember) when i came to know abt birds n bees thru mom.... my friends n me used to more discuss actors n film gossip than the facts of life ask us any new gossip n wed now it puttin a gossip magazine to shame...i actually even went thru a phase where i tot u ended up gettin pregnant by kissin cause i used to see in hindi movies the hero heroines pretend to kiss on their honeymoon an wham shes pergnant laters well had gone to mah friends bday party n there was this thruth or dare game ... where when mah time came one of the guys ended up asking me ...he asked me if i had seen a blues film in mah life... well sum of the girls were sniggerin sum were pretty still blank dodos like me i guess ...i mistook the qn wht he asked me cause i didnt know wht a blue film was n ended up sayin " No we dont have a blue coloures film at home cause mah daddy had got us a Coloured television set" well needless to say there was pindrop silence at first an then the guys started laughin so badly i thought their interstines mah just pop outta the stomach ... lol well mah friend who was laughin n gigglin too later hugged me laughingly n explained the meainin ... but was pretty embarissin ... laters the guys whenver they used to meet me used to tease me askin me if mah daddies coloured tv was functionin properly (wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) i used to just end up blushin n makin a face at them

Well this much for now... till laters

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

About me

Well finally fed up with the constant naggin by tanny im finally posting sumthing...Jesus Christ that girl sure can nag a lot i must say...shes got all the traits of a nagging housewife an she aint even married yet ...God help her unlucky husband :P actually i prefer reading the comments on the blogs rather than blogging ... i really dont know wht to write abt...if i write abt my pregnancy it embareses granpa sabby :(

well abt me was born actually in bandra and then raised in mulund but most of my childhood summers were spent in bandra who wud have thought wud be married there too... my childhood mmmm i rember being most pampered by dad... my mom actually used to say dad always wanted a baby girl an when i was born he was so overjoyed that he just held me near his heart when i wasnt even cleaned by the doctors ... with nurses claimin this guy sure is nuts whos over the moon cause a GIRL is born... but i mean things like that sure makes u feel needed and special ...

Well i was kinda of a brat too i msut say but basically obedient did whtever mommy daddy said .... luved my granparents like hell... an used to drive my big bro nuts... i rember my dad used offer me 2 rupees during that time to keep an eye on my brother an tell him hows he at school an all... hehe i squealed on my brother when i caught him kissin the neighbours daughter when he was 15 ... lol dad came down on him cause hes neglecting his studies but has time to kiss the girls... lol i rember that night i was a punchin bag for my brother ... but i wasnt less too i scratched him an pulled his hair too:)

i luved my college life luved the attention i got from guys but was always too shy to accept any proposals that came my way cause was scared of my brother... he was always very protective still is as a matter of fact...i guess the tables did turn where i used to keep an eye on him earlier he did that as soon as i passed out college...god he drove me nuts...

My first Kiss
Well i was abt 13 -14 ... well u cant call it a u know REAL kiss but got i used to dream abt him... i rember riding this bike dad got me... an i kinda fell from it an hurt my knee an i started cryin ... there was this guy... my brothers friend who picked me up and took me home ... bandaged my knee ... an kissed me on my cheek an asked me to stop crying...ohhhhhhhhh god that was LUV at first sight ... hehe i rember i had decided when i grow up no matter wht my parents say id marry him...SIGZZZ i used to dream of becoming Mrs. Desai

well my reall kiss i guess that i got at church on my wedding day ... was nervous like hell and ended up blushing like a apple with my cousins and chris friends teasin me abt how embaressed i was...and tellin stupid jokes as to why did chris ask janice's hand in marriage.. cause he was tired of using his own hand... lol chris took all the ribbing in stride... i kinda got mad at them for talking such filth but now it seems funny.. .well the french kiss i got later was kinda YUCKY lol im sorry to say that i kinda kept thinking if he brushed his teeth before kissing lols

The day i hated the most
Well that had to be the day my dad passed away i guess i still rember it like it was yesterday... i had a bad cold n fever on that day... my brothers had his exams the next mornin... dad was kinda feeling uneasy during the night andmom had to take him to the hospital cause it was getting worse i rember it was so late in the night my brother runnin around from one hospital to another tryin to get dad admitted an asking if the doctors were in ... while me an mom carryin dad anddad tryin to walk while we supported him an dad wasnt light weighted ... the funny thing i u actually grow up during times like these u see people who claim to daddies friends or family friends, neighbours, or even relative... but when u really need help the most u kinda find out ur all alone.... i never felt more lonely an depressed like i did that night ... an my poor brother studying in dads room on the floor after we got him admitted an asked me an mom to go home how he passed with such good marks id never was serious on the night we admitted him on a friday night an he passed away on a sunday morning i rember i was with him when passed away mom had asked me to be near his bed side cause she had to go homean do the cooking... she come back after she cook an then i could go an get sum rest... i still rember sitting wiht dad tellin him corny jokes he tried to smile an laugh ... but was not able to just hint of a smile .... an then he kindawent silent an pointed up wards i rember looking up an seeing nothing but he just kept pointing upwards an mumbling they have come ...and i thought he was hallucinating... my granma kinda had that problem before she was really really sick... i told him to rest an wished like hell mom wud come soon so id get sum rest cause my head ached an was feeling feverish because of the cold... mom arrived an i told her dad had finally gotten sum rest an not to disturb him (cause he didnt get any sleep in the night an was restless keepin my mom awake too in the hosital) mom said fine... my brother is home studyin i better go an get sum rest too... i reached home went straight to bed my brother asked me to eatsumthin have my tablets an then get sum rest but i was so tired i just wanted to sleep forever... an not just 5 min had passed since i slept my brother woke me up sayin to come to the hospital mom said its urgent ... an my poor mom in tears... they tried revivin dad with sum last minute injection but he passed away cause his weak heart....i honestly didnt know how to react sitting there near the bed with my dad covered dfrom head to toe in white hospital bedsheet while my mom an brother did the runnin about... he seemed no different like the time he covered himself from head to toe during winters or a rainy day... i dont know i guess that day i actually kinda stopped being the pampered brat and i rember i had felt pity for a guy when he lost his dad in the 8th std ... i was 20 yr old i wondered if my friend wud pity me too... i was overly possesive of mom after dad passed away ... i used to call her like a 100 times if shed go outside an ask her when shell be home... why shes late... if shed get just a mild cold i was scared shed leave me too... well there was resentment too... there was an old pal of my mom in bandra who got divorced during that time he and my dad both liked my mom during that time ... mom chose dad:) and there were talk mom cud remarry again an stuff.. i rember plannin foolishly how i wud make the guys life a living hell if he married my mom ... now all this seems so silly...

God this post is becoming lengthy as it is ... well next time some more abt myself till next time :) ciao... and tanny hope ur HAPPY an will SHUT UP Now... hehe :) luv ya

Saturday, June 25, 2005

My 2 trimester

i have entered my second trimester.... lol and yes i am on stage of becomming a fat fat aunty... though my tummy is just slightly rounded and our neighbours and friends havent commented yet that i have gained weight... but that at times itself depresses me i guess im more a bit selfconscious about how im looking right now ...Chris actually think the tummy is sexy...EEKKS!! Men go figure cant kill them cant stay with them

My morning sickness has gone done to NIL nearly...frankly i dont know which idiot invented the word morning sickness...when it occurs morning, noon and night... i can actually stomach a meal without rushing to puke my guts out... though i have started having sum pretty weird cravings lately... i know this will grose all u guy but i actually like pouring pepsi on my icecream or having broccli dipped in chocolate sauce and a little salt n pepper....hehe poor chris cringes at my choice of food
Chris has started looking around and asking for the Lamaze classes ... its so weird we never had things like these in india... here its so different...chris is gonna be my coach for those classes and i really hate it i mean i wud have luved if mom or my granny was there he gets uncomfertable whenever we go to the gynac for a check up itself ...i actually stand minutes in front of the mirror n while on our hammock an talk to it ... i just cant wait till its here

but then i luvvvvvvvvvv the pampering im getting during this a matter of fact we have this elderly couple the Johnsons who lives a couple of blocks from us and they are drop in regularly with goodies and tons of advice for wht i gotta do and dont...